A Laboratory Textbook for Microbiology
G. William Claus, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Virginia State University

1989, 547 pages, ISBN 0-7167-1809-X
Instructor's manual ISBN 0-7167-2051-5

Table of Contents

  1. How to Handle Microorganisms
  2. Introduction to Microscopy and to Observing Microorganisms
  3. Microscopic Techniques for Determining Microbial Type and Structure
  4. Sterilization Principles and Culture Media Preparation
  5. Techniques for Determining Culture Purity
  6. Culturing and Quantitating Microorganisms
  7. The Effect of Environment in Microbial Growth and Viability
  8. Physiological Characteristics of Microorganisms
  9. Bacterial Viruses and Microbial Mutations
  10. The Fungi
  11. Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  12. Food Microbiology
  13. Environmental Microbiology
  14. Microbial Identification
  15. Appendixes

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